We are here to amaze you with an innovative approach to the Latin American kitchen and to bring you a symphony of flavours and a full spectrum of tastes.

We cook what we want and what is born in the moment, initiating a more genuine cuisine, freer but still respecting the season.

Our philosophy is influenced by two concepts: “cocina libre” and “cocina deproducto”.

“Cocina libre” is about the creative freedom to interpret and modify traditional recipes which means that we do not limit ourselves to fixed or established rules.
“Cocina deproducto” encourages conscious consumption and ensures that our customers always get fresh, high-quality ingredients. Most of our ingredients are from the Berlin-Brandenburg region and we only work with producers, who respect their product.

Turn your dining into cultural experience

Photo of David Raphael pollack
San Francisco

David Raphael Pollack

Dave’s fascination with food started at a very young age in his hometown of San Francisco. Within a few years he went through almost every possible position in various restaurants before he drifted off to the world of music, singing in multiple hardcore punk bands in the early 80s. Today he is not only the owner of the international music agency Destiny International Tourbooking but also the owner and part owner of three restaurants in Berlin, including Tupac, which he thinks is the most challenging and flavourful of them.

Peruvian and punk since birth

Ariel Peralta

After working in several kitchens in Latin America, including Virgilio Martínez’s ‘Central’ Restaurant, which has been among the ten best restaurants in the world for many years now, Ariel took the opportunity in 2019 to open his first project: Tupac. A Latin American restaurant in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. Here he has started a more genuine, freer kitchen which reflects his international culinary influences.

Ariel Peralta

Surrounded by the lush greens of a private courtyard

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Ariel Peralta

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