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At the heart of our restaurant beats the passion for Latin American cuisine. We are dedicated to using fresh, ever-changing ingredients, seeking authenticity and adapting to the seasons. Our vision is not only to offer dishes but also an experience that reflects the diversity and richness of Latin American gastronomy. Dave and Ariel, the creators of this project in 2019, have brought to life a concept that goes beyond food: it's a profound connection with Latin America, it's the story of every flavor, and a commitment to freshness and constant innovation.

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From Punk Rock to Culinary Mastery


Dave’s fascination with food started at a very young age in his home town of San Francisco. Within a few years he went through almost every possible position in various restaurants before he drifted off to the world of music, singing in multiple hardcore punk bands in the early 80s. Today he is not only the owner of the international music agency Destiny International Tour booking but also the owner and part owner of three restaurants in Berlin,including Tupac, which he thinks is the most challenging and flavourful ofthem.

Peruvian chef with a rebellious passion


After working in several kitchens across Latin America, including Virgilio Martínez's renowned restaurant "Central," ranked among the top ten restaurants in the world, Ariel seized the opportunity in 2019 to bring his first project to life: Tupac Berlin.
Since then, he has been dedicated to creating an authentic and free-spirited cuisine, incorporating his diverse culinary influences and celebrating diversity and creativity as his philosophy.

Ariel Peralta
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